Purpose of the job:

To identify, assess, and mitigate risks across VALR’s entire trading platform and to establish a world-class financial risk management framework.

What will you be doing:

Product Development

  • Involvement with the product team in building a comprehensive understanding of our derivative products including contract specifications, the underlying matching engine, funding rates, P&L reconciliation and liquidation mechanic
  • Provide direct input into product design and specifications

Risk assessment and identification:

  • Conduct comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential risks relating to derivative products including futures and options
  • Conduct scenario modeling for macro-economic and market stress situations
  • Stay updated on industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging risks that could impact the exchange specifically in relation to derivatives

Risk mitigation and control:

  • Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies and controls to minimize the exchanges exposure to identified risks
  • Establish and monitor key risk indicators (KRIs) and thresholds to detect early warning signs of potential risks
  • Work closely with relevant departments to ensure the effectiveness of risk mitigation measures and control frameworks

Policy and procedure development:

  • Develop and update risk management policies procedures and guidelines in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices
  • Communicate and train staff on risk management policies and procedures to promote a strong risk culture throughout the organisation
  • Conduct regular reviews and audits to ensure adherence to established policies and procedures

Risk reporting and communication:

  • Prepare and present risk reports to senior management and the board of directors, highlighting key risks, trends, and recommendations for risk mitigation
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders across the organisation, including business units, legal compliance, and internal audit teams

Risk monitoring and analysis:

  • Monitoring risk exposures and perform regular risk assessments to ensure the bank’s risk appetite and tolerance levels are maintained
  • Utilise risk management tools and systems to track and analyze risk-related data
  • Conduct scenario analysis and stress testing to evaluate the exchanges resilience to adverse events or market conditions
  • Design, implement and improve risk framework and policy in line with organization risk strategy and market changes to prevent, eliminate and mitigate risks
  • Conduct timely risk analysis on derivatives products through quantitative models and other statistical methods, including simulation mode, scenario analysis and stress tests to identify and monitor risks
  • Identify existing and potential risk events that may cause serious loss to the exchange or clients and propose solutions to mitigate the risks
  • Build and improve risk indicators for automated monitoring purposes including real time alerts, daily and weekly reports
  • Collaborate with business, product and technical teams to improve products and features including index, liquidation, liquidity and trading rules from time to time
  • Responsible for overseeing all risk indicators and alerts and ensure appropriate actions are taken to resolve incidents or risk events

What we look for in you:

Skills relevant to the job include the education and/or experience, specialised training, and competencies required;

  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree in finance, economics, financial risk management, or a related field
  • Extensive experience (typically 6+ years) in financial risk management, preferably within the financial services or cryptocurrency industry
  • Strong knowledge of cryptocurrency markets, trading platforms, and blockchain technology
  • Familiarity with relevant regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements in the crypto space
  • Proficiency in risk assessment methodologies, risk modeling techniques, and risk mitigation strategies
  • Strong understanding of operational, financial, and compliance risk associated with cryptocurrency trading and investments
  • Have a deep understanding of derivatives products i.e. futures, spot margin trading, options and the cryptocurrency industry
  • Major in Mathematics, Financial Engineering, Finance, Physics and Data Sciences or other related STEM. Holder of FRM, CFA or other related certificates are preferred
  • 3+ years of relevant experience in risk management, quantitative trading or research work within the crypto derivatives industry is highly preferred but nor a requirement
  • Able to demonstrate good coding skills, familiar with big data processing and analysis such as Hive(SQL), Python and be able to build the quantitative model from large and complex datasets and good at data visualization
  • Able to demonstrate strong quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills, and have ability to work flexibly and remotely in a challenging and constantly changing environment
  • Able to deliver high quality work on tight deadlines and be comfortable working in the constantly evolving crypto industry.
  • Be proactive, curious, self-driven and a fast learner. Have a strong duty of responsibility, good communication, writing and presentation skills
  • Be a good team player
  • Due to the nature of the cryptocurrency industry, you may be required to flexibly work after-hours or on some weekends

What can you expect from VALR:

  • Competitive salary: Get paid well to work in an exciting industry
  • Leave: Complaince with statutory leave required by individual countries, in addition to flexible leave
  • Remote work: Work from wherever you like - Employees to ensure that there is secure, stable internet connectivity in order to effectively work remotely
  • Home office setup: Mac laptop and a discretionary allowance to buy all the extras needed to work happily from home - all of it yours to keep after 3 years. Terms and Conditions will apply.
  • Learning fund: R16,000 per employee per year for anything that helps you upskill for work, in addition to scheduled VALR training
  • Performance bonus: When you contribute to VALR’s success, you’ll be rewarded with discretionary bonuses
  • Regular get-togethers outside of work
  • Annual company retreats